IoT Success

Real-world stories of how SG has helped deliver success with IoT globally.

Close-up of a younger person holding an elderly person's hand in comfort, showcasing the compassionate aspect of healthcare IoT.

Residential care organisation ensures life-saving service for users by upgrading in-home emergency alert system

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Solar panel with an IOT system on a thatched roof against a partly cloudy sky.

Manufacturing operation shifts to the UK and China, with redesigned solution subsequently in production within nine months

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Blue and grey IOT robot vacuum cleaner in industrial setting

Smart, autonomous vacuum-cleaning robot enhanced to disinfect air, with prototype assembled in just four weeks

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Backlit laptop keyboard featured in a low-light setting for an IoT project, with a shallow depth of field focusing on the enter key.
IT Security

Secure-access control board upgraded with new performance and connectivity options–and prototyped in just 90 days

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