IT Security

Secure-access control board upgraded with new performance and connectivity options–and prototyped in just 90 days

Backlit laptop keyboard featured in a low-light setting for an IoT project, with a shallow depth of field focusing on the enter key.

SG Enabled…

  • Precision design of circuit board upgrades for improved performance, additional connectivity options and flexible customisation options.
  • Mass production of five different circuit board designs underway just 18 months from starting the project.

Lead time:
90 days to working prototype



Explore | Upgrading electronics

Our customer who specialized in access control was looking to upgrade its existing circuit board design to enable enterprise-grade features. As well as boosting performance, they wanted to implement additional wireless connectivity options. These upgrades would enable greater deployment flexibility across various industries to meet the increasing demand for high-level security in the market.


Create | Fast time to prototype

Despite the elaborate work involved in reviewing and re-designing a circuit board which as expectedly was not uncomplicated to begin with, it took just 90 days to finish a working prototype. SG provided comprehensive follow-up services with testing to enable product certification, and also worked on board integration to ensure application-level support.


Deploy | Customisation options

The versatility of the product meant our customer routinely received requests from their users for customised features. SG made it possible for our customer to perform design adaptations quickly to enable precise and multifaceted access control. SG also provided support for application testing and developed test stations that would allow our customer the flexibility to conduct their own on-site product quality checks.


Scale | Phased delivery at scale

The success of the board redesign paved the way for four more board designs. Each was more complicated than the last, with new features added continually in layers, to enable successively greater access control precision. All five designs were being mass produced just 18 months after the start of the project.

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