Manufacturing operation shifts to the UK and China, with redesigned solution subsequently in production within nine months

Solar panel with an IOT system on a thatched roof against a partly cloudy sky.

SG Enabled…

  • Cross-site manufacturing support in the UK for supply of initial volume of substitute product.
  • Complete product redesign, with manufacturing prototype designed within six months of proof-of-concept, and full production within nine months of initial engagement.

Lead time:
90 Days to POC



Working around obstacles

Our customer produces and funds various life-enhancing devices for users in need. Upon learning that their existing manufacturer owned the rights to one of their products – a residential solar system – they needed to re-examine their operations. SG was engaged to work on a redesign of the original product through a joint development model.


Fast redesign

As it was critical to take back ownership of the product, SG worked closely with our customer to create a manufacturable product within just six months from signing off the initial proof-of-concept. During this time, our EMS parent company Season Group supported the production of a buffer volume of a substitute product at its UK site. This gave our customer the confidence to reduce its reliance on the original product and move over to the new design.


Global manufacturing

Production lines were up and running nine months after the first engagement. With the geographic flexibility of Season Group’s manufacturing sites in the UK and China, our customer was able to easily adjust production volumes as needed to support their product launch and satisfy ongoing user demand.


Rapid escalation

SG increased production rates very quickly. Production line staff were re-assigned to build and assemble the thousands and thousands of units required on a weekly basis to keep up with the demand. This project started a close partnership with our customer, expanding into other areas of our service spectrum, such as material sourcing and design development.

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