Smart, autonomous vacuum-cleaning robot enhanced to disinfect air, with prototype assembled in just four weeks

Blue and grey IOT robot vacuum cleaner in industrial setting

SG Enabled…

  • Rapid prototyping – in just four weeks – and production of air-disinfecting hardware for vacuum cleaning robot.
  • Successful deployment in various public places during global pandemic, leading to industry recognition and an innovation award.

Lead time:
28 days to working prototype


Adapting existing products

Our customer has a Smart vacuum cleaning robot in deployment that they found to be a good foundation to enhance with an air-disinfecting feature, especially during the global pandemic. Add-on hardware to the existing model would be the most cost-effective method to support the required wireless motion sensing and also disinfectant ejection capability. The result would be an all-in-one mobile cleaning and bio-decontamination system.


Speeding to production

The approvals processes for an add-on device to an existing vacuum cleaning system design would take much faster than that for an entirely new product. It took SG just four weeks from engaging in initial discussions to assembling a working prototype, and our customer even less than that to conduct testing for design sign-off. The first order for production was received just eight weeks later.


Sharing fresh air

The new sanitising capability was launched at the height of the pandemic in the first quarter of 2021. Production continued to ramp up throughout the year. Some of the first deployments were at local train stations where people traffic is typically very high. The upgraded robots were able to swerve around obstructions – such as people – and not spray disinfectant on passers-by.


Visible safety

This was the first robot of its kind to be recognized by an industry-leading verification and testing company, and it also received an honourable mention at an industry-recognized innovation award. It is now quite common to see these new robots wandering around shopping malls, schools, offices, and even the local airport and cross-border customs offices.

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