May 16, 2020

SG Wireless™ Launches LoRa Module to Enable Ultra Long Range, Wide Area IoT Applications


Hong Kong, January 17, 2020: SG Wireless™, a full-stack IoT solutions provider established by global EMS provider Season Group, is pleased to present the SGW2828 LoRa Module, which supports LoRa (LoRaWAN®) wireless protocol, a global de-facto standard for the Internet of Things (IoT).

The SGW2828 LoRa Module integrates the Semtech SX1276 long range, low power transceiver and RF power amplifier, and STMicroelectronics’ high performance MCU. With a maximum of 30dBm Tx power and frequency hopping, together with high sensitivity, the SGW2828 supports proven long-range connectivity of 6km+ even in dense urban areas (on-site test conducted in Hong Kong). It also supports a wide range of sensors, and with a mechanical dimension of 24.8mm x 12.8mm x 3.0mm, the SGW2828 enables small form factor design. The SGW2828 is an optimal solution for IoT applications which require ultra long range wireless communication, and high interference immunity with minimal current consumption, such as smart buildings, smart cities, smart agriculture, smart logistics and supply chain, etc.

As a typical application of LoRa technology, IoT-enabled small building devices find the Lora technology an ideal platform in view of its key features: ultra-low energy consumption, good building penetration and low path loss, wide deployment footprint, easy for installation and maintenance, etc. In fact, the smart buildings market, driven by growing energy concerns and increasing government initiatives on smart infrastructure projects, is one of the fastest growing segments for IoT. It is expected to register a CAGR of over 23% over the forecast period (2020-2025)*.

Applying the SGW2828 LoRa module in IoT-connected smart building devices:

  • Connect the SGW2828 with any types of sensors in smart building devices, such as thermostats, sprinkler controllers, door locks, leakage monitors, smoke alarms, etc. to measure important metrics.
  • The SGW2828 will transfer the sensor data to the local server of the customer (e.g. building management companies, property developers), or to a remote cloud server provided by SG Wireless. The SG Wireless server will show the data changes on a dashboard with tailored web application software. One may easily monitor the data for energy management (lighting, cooling), work space optimization, water leakage detection, security management, etc. via any mobile devices anytime, anywhere.
  • The key benefits generated from the application of LoRa-enabled IoT devices include:  reduction of energy costs and operating expenses, increasing tenant satisfaction and raising property values.


“SG Wireless aims to develop different solutions to cater to the IoT needs of different customers. We have already developed a range of high performance and scalable BLE products. The SGW2828 is our first LoRa product targeting the ultra long range, wide area IoT application needs of customers. It is part of our full-stack LoRa system solutions.  
Apart from these ready-to-use, pre-certified IoT solutions, we also offer services encompassing network, infrastructure, data store, application and enterprise integration; and provide a seamless process through manufacturing hurdles, which is usually one of the toughest parts of the technology development journey. We want to help our customers leverage advanced technologies to efficiently tackle issues and go further with their business. Our ultimate aim is to design and manufacture products that improve the world’s living standard.”
Dr Ken Wong, Global Chief Technology Officer at Season Group and SG Wireless

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