February 6, 2020

SG Wireless™ Launches BLE Gateway to Enable Robust and Secure Data Transmission for IoT Applications


Hong Kong, 6 February, 2020: SG Wireless™, a full-stack IoT solutions provider established by global EMS provider Season Group, is pleased to present its new Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) Gateway SGW6008. This robust solution helps enable secure, real-time remote monitoring or efficient asset/inventory tracking for IoT applications.

The SGW6008 is a BLE to Wi-Fi connectivity gateway supported by the SG Wireless web application software. The SGW6008 BLE gateway collects data from BLE sensors or devices, and sends to the local server or remote cloud server by HTTPS & MQTTS protocols with TLS1.2 standard over Wi-Fi to ensure improved data security. This ready-to-use IoT platform solution helps reduce engineering efforts and development costs, thereby accelerates the building of your own IoT system. With a size of only 65mm x 65mm x 24.5mm, the SGW6008 is compact and highly portable.

To facilitate users, SG Wireless has in place connected solutions for the SGW6008, i.e. SGW8130 BLE sensor tag and SGW1010 BLE module. The former is a highly integrated and portable sensor tag which reports temperature, humidity, light intensity and motion data, while the latter, also powered by Nordic’s nRF52840 Bluetooth® 5/BLE Soc, is a multiprotocol SoM easily applicable to popular development platforms to facilitate application.

The SGW6008 can be easily adopted for a myriad of IoT applications. A typical example will be for industrial use: 

  • Place BLE sensor tags (e.g. SGW8130) within the warehouses of a factory to detect real time changes in temperature, light intensity and humidity, as appropriate climate control could be highly essential for safeguarding the quality of stored items. The sensors will transfer the data changes via BLE to the SGW6008 Gateway, which then sends the data to the local server of the customer, or to a remote cloud server provided by SG Wireless. The SG Wireless server will show the data changes on a dashboard with a tailored web application software. One may easily monitor the data changes via any mobile devices anytime, anywhere.

Dr Ken Wong, Global Chief Technology Officer at Season Group and SG Wireless said, “We have developed SGW BLE gateway to be used together with SGW8130 BLE sensor tag and SGW1010 BLE module as a high performance and scalable full-stack IoT platform solution. We want to facilitate our customers to develop their own IoT products in a much shorter development cycle. Our objective is to support our customers to realize their own IoT product development plans fast and hassle-free.

Most importantly, we are a full-stack IoT solutions provider. Apart from wireless sensors, modules and gateways, we also offer services encompassing network, infrastructure, data store, application and enterprise integration; and through Season Group, we provide a seamless process through manufacturing hurdles, making it possible to go from an initial idea to a final product.”

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