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Make sure you’re part of the ‘one in six’ stat – the proportion of IoT projects that get deployed and deliver returns

Let’s talk IoT

At SG, we help you understand the viability of your proposed IoT project up front. You can get help with design, prototyping and manufacture. And then we can ensure you deploy effectively so that you achieve the anticipated benefits.

you need


SG has developed a compelling ecosystem of leading-edge IoT technologies – including connectivity modules, sensor hardware, and a powerful and intuitive management platform. These can be customised and configured to your precise requirements, enabling a fully agnostic approach to technology.


You can build your IoT solutions using our strong base of expertise, practical know-how and creativity in innovation. We have over 30 years’ experience in wireless solutions. And our team brings a full spectrum of engineering expertise – across hardware, mechanical design and software development.


And you can call on our hands-on experience of delivering customers’ IoT solutions across numerous sectors – including agriculture, energy and clean tech, industrial maintenance, logistics, medical, and smart buildings, among others – with practical expertise in coverage, environmental constraints, and much more.

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