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SGW8130 BLE Module Series


The SGW8130 sensor tag is a BLE (Bluetooth LE) device with different sensor options. It reports on Temperature, Humidity, Light Intensity and Motion data through a wireless Bluetooth 5.0 link. The SGW8130 sensor tag is embedded with a standard CR2032 cell battery with acquisition rate of three points per day.


Block Diagram of SGW8130

Power Input : CR2032 battery
Bluetooth 5.0 Long Range (250m)
Temperature and Humidity sensor
Ambient light sensor
6-axis Motion Tracking sensor
Tri-color LED indicator
Connected solution for SGW Gateway
Dimension : 36m x 36mm x 11.5mm


  • Connected home
  • Smart city infrastructure

Order Information

Part No Description
SGW8130-A SGW8130 sensor tag - Temperature & Humidity sensor, Light sensor & Motion tracker
SGW8130-B SGW8130 sensor tag - Temperature & Humidity sensing only



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