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SGW2828 LoRa Module Series

SGW2828 LoRa Module for long-range communication and wall penetration, testable with Arduino-enabled EVK


Details matter. It's worth waiting to get it right.
- Steve Jobs

We get it - we really do. You want truly long-range non-cellular communication, a ready-made solution without the sacrifice of design restrictions. And you're finding the current market somewhat...lacking.

Enter our new SGW2828 LoRa Module, the all-in-one answer to your connectivity needs. LoRaWAN®-capable, the ultra-compact SGW2828 alone is able to achieve 30dBm in transmission power, without the need to integrate an external power amplifier. We've tailored it for the US market with an operating frequency at 915MHz and with fast frequency hopping abilities, it is of course FCC- and IC-certified.

Test it out with our SGW2828-EVK, and experience for yourself unparalleled range of over 6km even in dense urban areas (with over 10km line-of-sight), and unhindered in-building penetration through at least 10 concrete walls. We also made sure that it easily plugs in to widely available prototyping platforms - connect the SGW2828-EVK to Arduino and you've got yourself a market-ready LoRa product.

Details matter. We wanted to get it right for you.

Thank you for waiting.


Complete LoRa solution (support LoRa Proprietary Network up to 30dBm Tx power)
Semtech SX1276 RF-front-end transceiver
Ultra-long RF range (>10 km line-of-sight) and superb wall penetration
Fast frequency hopping for coverage improvement
Operating frequency (915MHz)
Standard UART/USB interface (easy-to-use AT-command interface over UART)
Operating Temperature: -40°C to 85°C
Size: 24.8 x 10.8 x 2.6mm


  • Smart Agriculture
  • Smart Cities
  • Smart Healthcare
  • Smart Industrial Control
  • Smart Supply Chain & Logistics

Order Information

Part No Description
SGW2828-01A SGW2828 LoRa +30dBm Module – NA version (915 MHz)
SGW2828–EVK SGW2828 LoRa +30dBm Module Evaluation Kit



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