Asset tracking solution for optimized warehouse efficiency. | SG Wireless

Business is growing, orders are flooding in, and your warehouse isn't delivering like it used to. Before you break out the renovation plans, optimize your current set-up with SG Wireless' easy indoor asset tracking solution.

Aug 24, 2021


Introducing LoRa. | SG Wireless

As of 2020, there is an estimated 158 million LoRa devices deployed worldwide, and this number is expected to quadruple by 2023, to 730 million devices all over the world. What exactly is LoRa though, and why is it becoming so popular?

Sep 17, 2020


Your IoT Imaginings - Realized. | SG Wireless

Go beyond your wildest IoT imaginings. Let SG Wireless make them happen for you.

Jul 14, 2020


IoT so easy, it's intuitive. | SG Wireless

Jumping on the IoT bandwagon and finding no easy solutions out there? Let SG Wireless show you how it's done.

May 12, 2020

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