Our Full-Stack IoT service ensures your project moves smoothly, on-budget and on-schedule.

Building a real-world IoT application requires multiple disciplines working together with singular focus. Only a Full-Stack IoT provider can provide solutions that bridge software, hardware, networking, manufacturing and data visualization. Without all the pieces seamlessly working together, projects run the risk of delay and going over-budget.

Our technical expertise

Hardware design, development and manufacturing
Device and application management
Embedded firmware programming
Web and mobile app development
Application-level and middleware programming
Analytics, mining, business intelligence
Cloud development and operations
Integration with external systems

Low-risk, rapid prototyping in 90 days

We have developed a framework for delivering a PoC (Proof of Concept) for your business in only 90 days. Our knowledgeable team will guide you through the entire process, improving efficiency and delivering solutions that are conceptualized for manufacturing at scale.

Unlike other IoT suppliers who may not have the experience, our team creates designs that are optimized for manufacturing. We can ensure better product quality, less schedule delay and less waste when going from PoC to the manufacturing stage.



DAY 0-30

We work with you to outline the concept, requirements and goals for your IoT solution. We’ll offer a mix of existing SG Wireless products to get your project started quickly.


Design stage

DAY 30-60

Based on the Concept, our team will build a working prototype of your device, including a customized gateway, data processing algorithms and dashboard.


Proof of Concept (PoC)

DAY 60-90

Working with your team, we will validate the efficacy of the IoT solution with a series of field-tests using the prototype. Once confirmed, we will manufacture samples for testing and verification before moving on to mass production.

From prototype to mass production

There are key differences between prototyping and manufacturing that other IoT suppliers may not realize. Our team understands how to bridge the gap in materials, tooling, fabrication, and power consumption needs between the PoC and Final Product.


Manufacturing specifications

Using the prototype and data from value engineering services our multi-disciplinary team of engineers and network specialists will draft a manufacturing proposal. Drawings, specifications, and custom components will be refined for manufacturing at-scale.


Phase-in production

Unlike other suppliers, SG Wireless has decades of manufacturing experience. We will manage the tooling, oversee sampling, provide value analysis services and ensure quality control to avoid any potential issues and expedite scheduling. With SG Wireless, you can be confident your project will be released on-time.


Mass production and market launch

As our team finalizes the IoT designs for mass-production, our software engineers will be customizing gateway development, improving your system’s analytics, and optimizing data collection and interpretation to create an intuitive UI for your applications.

Ongoing services


Support services

As your IoT solution get integrated into your workflow, our team will provide support with essential training and technical documentation of your products. Behind the scenes, our IT teams will make design updates to your dashboard and provide critical security patches to your gateway and database infrastructure.

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