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Remote environmental monitoring

Connected warehousing

Ready-to-use IoT sensors inform on an asset’s current task, condition and position within a warehouse. Data analysts can use this information to improve planning, visibility, and optimize facility management.

Cold-chain management

Ensure compliance with regulators and clients by remotely monitoring precise levels of temperature and humidity inside transportation vehicles. Should environmental equipment inside a vehicle fail, your manager can quickly be alerted and react accordingly to ensure your cold-chain stays secure.

Asset Tracking

Intelligent transportation

In-vehicle devices can improve fleet optimization by collecting information on idle time, status and asset location.

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Smart maintenance

With continuous monitoring you can get better insights into when and where your vehicles will need maintenance or replacement, helping your team to minimize downtime and eliminate interruptions.

Systems optimization

Route optimization

Using real-time and historical data, machine learning systems can optimize routes on the fly. When issues arise fleet managers can utilize available data to make better decisions on minimizing delays.


Predict and plan for seasonal delivery rushes based on historical congestion and transportation volume.

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