#FlattenTheCurve with SG Wireless and get USD1,000 worth of our products.

If there's anything like the global coronavirus pandemic, it's IoT - the Internet of Things. Think about it: it's everywhere, it's often unnoticed, and it's changed our lives in ways that were previously thought impossible. Key difference? We can make good use of IoT.

Why can’t we use IoT to fight the coronavirus (and possibly save the world)?

Give us your best ideas for using IoT against the global pandemic, anything from alleviation of medical resources constraint, to symptom tracking, to promotion of stay-at-home incentives. We'll provide you with the IoT tech to make it happen.

Submission Requirements

Ideas should involve the element of IoT and be beneficial to the society at large.
Entries can be submitted through the online form or on LinkedIn (@SG Wireless). Be sure to tag us in the same post!


Each entrant will receive a USD10 coupon code for use at the SG Wireless eShop.
SG Wireless will also select the most viable idea that can be executed and implemented within a reasonable time frame, due to the immediacy of the coronavirus situation. Entrant of the selected idea will receive USD1,000 worth of SG Wireless products to develop it.

Dates to Note

Submission Deadline: May 31, 2020
Winner Announcement: June 8, 2020 on LinkedIn

Submission Form

Submissions are now closed! And the best idea goes to…