With IoT, factories are more becoming more resilient and deploying data to discover hidden inefficiencies.

Factory monitoring

Predictive maintenance

With continuous monitoring you can get better insights into when and where sections of your production line need maintenance or replacement, helping your team to minimize downtime and eliminate surprise interruptions.

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Asset Tracking

Material optimization & tracking

Take control of your supply chain with detailed, real-time statistics on inventory and material usage. Use data and analytics to spot trends, improve forecasting, and optimize how assets are being utilized on the floor.

Improved security

Improve your security without increasing staff by enabling your security team with digital monitoring equipment. At a glance, security can know who is coming, where they went and when they left. Combined with location trackers on valuable equipment assures that expensive equipment stays on-site.

Systems optimization

Staffing management

With smart staff management, your team will know exactly who is on-site, where they are and for how long they have been there. Beyond maximizing employee time, location information can better ensure staff safety in more hazardous work environments.

Performance optimization

With up-to-the-minute transparency on your operation’s manpower, equipment, energy, and material expenses it becomes easier to find opportunities to cut costs, increase output and increase margins.

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