It’s hard to imagine the future of green energy without IoT

Remote environmental monitoring

Predictive maintenance

With continuous monitoring you gain insight into when and where your equipment needs maintenance or replacement, helping your team minimize downtime and avoid power disruptions.

Adaptive wind turbines

Wind turbines are delicate instruments often located in remote, wild environments: out in the open sea, hillsides or far-flung fields. IoT helps turbines become more self-sufficient by being able to detect and adapt to their changing environment without human supervision.

Systems optimization

Improved grid performance

With analytics and machine learning, an automated system can make smart decisions and enable more efficient energy generation and distribution across your grid.

Optimizing solar output

By including a light intensity detector and tracking energy output, IoT devices enable solar panels to track the sun as it moves across the sky, continuously finding the best angle to harvest energy.

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Turbine 12

Power Capacity

1.3 kWh

Wind Speed

5.5 mps