You are our greatest asset

Our greatest asset is our team. As a company, our sole purpose is to create and maintain an environment where people love what they do. We want our employees to thrive and feel purposeful as we build a better future.

function sg_wireless(mission) {
print('Our Passion stems from technology and what it can achieve. With technology, we will make the world a better place. ');

Remember to have fun

At SG Wireless, our core values guide how we work and treat our employees:

  • A functional team requires respect, caring for your team-mates and seeking understanding. That’s why our first priority is Be Kind.
  • Every project has a unique set of constraints and opportunities. To discover solutions is to welcome healthy conflicts, admit mistakes and Be Open.
  • Our working environment is intense, requiring tight deadlines and precision. Take a breath and Be Cool to ensure our workflow is as smooth as possible.
  • Pitch in with each project, learn from your teammates’ skills, get out of your specialty’s silo and strive to Be Innovative.
  • Sometimes the path ahead is unclear. Stay consistent with our values and what you believe in and Do What’s Right.
  • But most of all, we want you to follow your passions, celebrate your wins and Have Fun.

Life at SG Wireless

If you are a true nerd at heart, this is your paradise. You and your teammates will be tinkering across hardware, software, developing cloud applications and heading outside to field-test your designs. Passion for IoT is what fuels our company.

Feeling overwhelmed? Take a break with a round of ping-pong or get your retro gaming fix on an original Atari 2600.

Join our team!

Current openings

Business Application Data Analyst

Hong Kong, Tsuen Wan Area

System Engineering Manager

Hong Kong, Tsuen Wan Area

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