Modern farms are deploying IoT to increase yield, reduce disease, and mitigate traditional risks.

Remote environmental monitoring

Greenhouse Monitoring

With our sensors you can ensure all of your greenhouses are at optimum temperature, humidity and track crop maturity rates. Should a system need replacing or fail, you’ll immediately be informed.

Precision farming

Get to know your specific Microclimate with weather stations mapping the climate conditions across your properties. Deeper understanding from IoT weather data can facilitate better crop selection and increase field capacity in the near-term. Long-term data collection allows for more strategic decision-making and offers insight into the effects' climate change will have.

Crop Management

Sensors placed in your fields actively collect data specific to your crops such as temperature, leaf water potential and soil moisture to monitor crop growth. When disease or infestation strike, your team will be alerted of the situation and location and can take appropriate action swiftly.

Asset tracking

Livestock Tracking & Monitoring

With location and bio-sensors, ranches are finding new ways to manage the herd, improve calving, reduce waste and combat disease.

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Vehicle Tracking

Immediately know where your transportation vehicles are and how far they move.

Systems optimization

Soil health & nutrition

The health of the soil sustaining your crops changes from field to field. With IoT, you can passively monitor the sunlight, humidity, soil moisture and nutrient content of your fields so you can make more informed decisions.

Solar panel optimization

Keep track of energy generation in your fields and how it is being utilized across your operation. Know when a panel is out of alignment or when the efficiency drops in a single panel and needs to be replaced.

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Irrigation optimization

With the increasing frequency of droughts, water management has become increasingly important. Ensure that your management strategy is optimized by tracking the water flow and pressure across your operation. When combined with ambient temperatures and soil moisture data, you can be sure that every drop counts.

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