Start your day knowing the health of every cow in the herd

Monitor every cow and calf

Previously unthinkable, IoT can put the health and status of the entire herd in the hand of a single rancher. By using inexpensive, unobtrusive, low-energy IoT tags on each cow, your team can track and have access to the entire health history including heart rate, blood pressure, respiratory rate, temperature and other vitals of each cattle instantly.

With data streamed from your animals to the cloud you can have a view into the health of the entire herd. When illness or feeding issues arise, you’ll know where and how to respond before it becomes a serious issue.

Monitor bovine health & reproductive cycles

IoT sensors can give you real-time insight into your animal’s reproductive cycle and calving process. You will know when a cow is in heat or goes into labor so your team can be there in time to ensure a successful outcome.

Cattle SGW-14
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39 °C

Heart Rate

76 bpm

Herd Health
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Never lose a cow

Let your cattle graze freely across the range. With IoT, you can track an animal’s location accurately. When a cow is sick or gets separated from the herd, your team can pinpoint the location and get there quickly.

The benefits

  • Increase cost efficiency and revenue potential
  • Reduce cow loss by tracking health and vitals
  • Reduce labor intensity and medical treatments
  • Improve reproductive performance and milk yield
  • Optimize grazing and feed usage


We connect

Using our premade tags and modules, you can start collecting test data quickly.

Products Used

LoRA Technology

LoRa Module

Embedded into IoT equipment, this sensor can track important metrics and send the data to a gateway for processing.

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LoRA Technology

Lora Gateway

The gateway collects data from the modules and sends the information to an SG Wireless remote cloud server.

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Sensors Technology

Custom Sensors

Understanding the data required for the integration and deployment of suitable sensors.

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We analyse

Using your dataset we can start to look for insights into your unique challenges and keep tabs on what’s important.

Technology Used

Data mining & business intelligence

Our team is adept at the latest Machine Learning and Analytics algorithms to find tailored insights specific to your business’ challenges.


Dashboard Development

Turn your data into actionable insights with a custom, mobile-friendly dashboard. Track, get status updates and forecast important metrics.

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We maintain

After launch, we’ll manage the backend: ensuring updates and security patches get implemented so you can focus on what’s important.

Setup and Ongoing Maintenance

Application Management

Behind the scenes, SG Wireless provides ongoing support, securing your network, upgrading infrastructure, backing up data, and providing maintenance and security.


Total Cattle
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Liters Milk

1,736 L

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